On the Move: 5 Common Reasons to Buy or Sell

It can be hard to imagine going through the process of buying a home more than once. The stress of finding a new home, dealing with all of the paperwork, and actually packing up and moving seems like enough to make anyone want to stay put for a lifetime. But when reality sets in, it’s not all that often that a young couple’s starter home ends up being the place they raise their family and ultimately retire in.

When push comes to shove, there are any number of reasons that might drive a homeowner to sell their current home and look for a new one. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common factors that lead to a new home search.

1. Out of Space

One of the simplest explanations for why homeowners would start the home buying process all over again? They simply run out of room. Changes in the family are a common cause here – whether it’s having kids, adding pets, or taking on the responsibility of caring for an ailing parent, there are plenty of ways that a house can suddenly seem too small to stay in.

2. Time for an Upgrade

Sometimes you just want to enjoy the finer things in life – or at least things that are finer than what you have now. Sure, that home you bought when you were starting out in your career has charm; but is it your dream home? If you’ve got your eyes set on something bigger and better, and your situation allows you to go after it, then you may find yourself in the market for something new.

3. Relationship Changes

For better or worse, people come and go from our lives without warning. Whether you’re struck by Cupid’s arrow and find yourself ready to cohabitate, or you hit a rough patch and want some space of your own, your needs can change without warning. So whether you’re consolidating into one house or splitting into two, changes in your personal life can have a big impact on your living situation.

4. Ready to Relocate

Sure, you never thought you’d be packing your bags and heading to the airport with your entire life in tow – but then again, how could you turn down that amazing promotion? If you get an offer you simply can’t refuse, you might find yourself boxing up your things in a hurry to start a brand new adventure.

5. Change in Scenery

Let’s face it – nothing really stays the same forever. That quiet suburban development of young families and white collar professionals that you moved into ten years ago? Maybe now it’s full of party-happy college students. Or the vibrant, character-filled working class neighborhood with the perfect historical vibe? Maybe it’s been redeveloped, complete with a view of the corner Starbucks from your second story window. No matter what the changes, the community isn’t the same place you fell in love with – so maybe it’s time to find a new place to call home.

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